Reason for it.???

Not moved from my place..
I have,
Never moved from my place..

It hangs in my heart..

It bangs me-
 to go anywhere,
 Love what I saw,
          Cheer for everything..
Yet I couldn’t..

Searched for reason with sorrow..

My travel to the search-
Upon king’s dynasty..
Among various scientists..
Towards sacred people..
Yet, I didn’t get to it..

My heart rang me upon my face door,
Made a new way..
Different from the past..
Searched in a single place-slum;
Can get it..

Younger people as the aged one,
Children younger than me,
Bears work more than of me..
Is this the reason..???
Might be one..
Yet searching for more reasons;
Made sure that I can get
On the part of India’s wet eyes..!!!


  1. @ஆனந்தி..: I forgot tat i hav a blog lik this...
    Thanks for the comments... And i welcome the new visitor to ma liitle old house...


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