Is there is anything wrong in my question.???

I was totally dumb
when I look into it.!!

Is this the fate.?
That makes me to face this situation.
Is this is my enemy's trick.?
That made a dig for myself.!!

What makes me to face this situation.?
Is this is my parent's wish.?

Couldn't think of this.!!
Who would help me out.?
Thinking till my brain drains up..

A strange lady crossed me..
A blown bulb created
above my head.!!
Scratched the person,
Get face to face.!!
Sudden shiver occurs..
I struggle to get words
From my mouth.!!

I don't know
how to start the talk.!!
She cooled me and
Lend her ears to hear my talks..

Better i cooled myself.!!
Slowly started..
"I don't know any of the answers
 Can i have some other question paper.?"

Strange lady looked me in anger.!!
The anger made me to study an extra year
In the same worst college.!!!

Now I'm thinking myself
Is there is anything wrong in my question.???
Can anyone help me out this.???


  1. This is very wonderful writing, it's good to read poetry from different parts of the world, which is why I enjoy blogging,

    Have a wonderful week-end my friend,

  2. @Yvonne: Here i welcome u to ma world.!!

    The same can be quoted here too.I enjoy blogging for the same.

    Thanku frnd.!!!

  3. interesting write ... all the best to you. :)

  4. There is no wrong question...sometimes, though, we ask the wrong person for the answer :)

  5. There are more questions than answers sometimes. It is good to ask questions to gain knowledge. Good write and thank you for your visit.

  6. Hilarious one! :)
    Keep going..


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