Never ever 'Give up'..!

The joy i had,
In the dump situation...
The thought that made
Which made me react...!

Gotta go...
Towards the goal...!
Set a path
That leads the same....!

Think the truth
That never gets in..
Break the bass
That make ur temper high....!

Strike! Strike! Strike!
Until you get.....
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Which opens the door.....!

The way that leads
That do i search....!
I dry me hard
to get my dream...!

Fixed my goal
'll reach the same..
I can give up..
Not my dream
but my life..!

Success to be reached
Not to be attained..!
As I have my success in my hand..!

It cries to get me than i do...
I have decided to get my life to it
never give up..
I 'll never ever give it up..!



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